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Understanding The Different Types Of Insurances For Your Home

When we own something be it a house, trailer, mobile home or other it is important that we keep it protected from a wide range of damages and unforeseen situations.  When purchasing our homes we are looking at a large investment that will be difficult to impossible to replace.  This is why we need insurance.  When we purchase insurance we are protecting the value of our property against the unknown.  When something happens we can contact the insurance agency we used and file a claim. 

Flood Insurance

Many people believe if they have homeowners insurance that they are protected in case of a flood.  This is not the case.  In order to be protected by a flood you will need flood insurance east islip ny.  With flood insurance you are covered for a wide range of water related mishaps.  These can include flooding from a storm to busted pipes from the winter.  Each policy is different so make sure you know what it is you are being covered for.

Personal property

Personal property insurance will cover the property in your home.  This will be from theft, damage and a wide range of other issues.  Make sure that you understand what is covered and if it is a replacement cost for a brand new item or if it is based on replacement value with deprecation.

Personal injury

When you have people over at your home accidents happen.  When these happen you want to be insured for personal injury.  This personal injury insurance will cover others in your home from falls, broken bones and more.  Again, each policy is different so make sure you know the specifics before purchasing.

flood insurance east islip ny

Home business and Daycare insurance

Many people are running businesses out of their homes.  Just like any other business you will need specific business insurance to cover any loss or damage to products.  This is why business insurance is important.  One type of business people run in their homes are daycares.  Daycares will require specific permits and insurance requirements.  Make sure to follow all the rules when running a business in your home.