golf course management

Learning Management Skills For Life

It is very important that you learn people skills as well as management skills if you are going to be working in any type of profession that deals with people.  Going into golf course management for instance will require you to know about the sport, the people who frequent the courses and what makes the courses profitable.  Failure to know these vital components will result in the failure of your venture.

Trigger points

golf course management

Trigger points are the actions and conditions that will result in someone taking an action.  This action can be a positive one or it could be a negative one.  Some trigger points could be price, weather, course conditions, or a slew of unknowns.  As a course manager it is your job to know what these trigger points are, focus on the positive points and eliminate the negative.  If you are able to keep the trigger points low on the negative, you will have a more profitable course.

Communication skills

Learning and mastering communication skills is vital to any success you have.  If you are unable to communicate your intentions to your staff, then you won’t get the desired task completed.  If you are not able to communicate with guests or even to understand when they communicate with you then things will get messed up and as a result your endeavors will fail.

Time management

There are only so many hours in a day and so many good days that you have play golf.  With these numbers in mind it is important that you manage your time and the time of your guests accordingly.  One factor that you will want to address is the time it takes to go from one hole to another on the course.  When you release people onto the green you want to make sure that you allow people to have enough time on the hole and that they are not running into each other.  A good manager will master thee skills and as a result have a well-run golf course.